How to Cook Broccoli the Healthy Way

Broccoli is an incredibly healthy veggie that can be added to a variety of recipes. Unfortunately, its tendency to become brown and mushy when overcooked often gives it a bad reputation.

Don’t let that be you – learn how to cook broccoli the right way! This article will teach you how to get your broccoli as vibrant green and delicious as nature intended.


Steaming broccoli is an effortless and nutritious way to incorporate this vegetable into any meal. Not only does it make for a delicious side dish, but you can also incorporate it into soups, casseroles or salads for extra flavor and nutrition.

Making broccoli that’s crisp and tender without overcooking it is easy with either a steamer basket or colander. Start by thoroughly rinsing your broccoli florets to remove any dirt or debris.

Next, trim off the stalk and slice it into bite-sized florets. You can also peel and dice the stem for extra texture.

Now, pour one and 1/2 to 2 cups of water into a pan for steaming, and place the broccoli florets inside it either using a steamer basket or colander. Bring this water to a boil then reduce heat to medium; cover tightly.

Cook the broccoli for 5-7 minutes, or until it’s bright green and tender but still crunchy. Remove from the steamer basket and season to taste with salt, pepper, and olive oil if desired.


Boiling broccoli is an efficient and quick way to cook this nutritious vegetable. All that’s required is some water; adding extra calories or fat won’t do any harm, making it a healthy and cost-effective side dish option.

Boiling broccoli florets can be done with either fresh or frozen. Be sure to cut them into similar-sized pieces so they cook quickly and evenly.

Once the florets are cooked, drain them and season to your preference with salt, pepper and olive oil. Serve warm as a side dish or add them to soups, salads and pasta dishes for an easy but nutritious meal.

Blanching is a quick cooking method that preserves the texture, flavor and color of vegetables without fully boiling them. It’s an effective way to minimize broccoli’s raw bitterness.


Sauteing broccoli is an age-old and healthy way to cook this veggie. Not only is it quick and simple to do, but the results are delicious – perfect for a quick side dish!

The key to perfect sauteing is not overcooking. Broccoli will become mushy and lacking flavor if overcooked.

When cooking fresh broccoli, chop the florets into as evenly-sized pieces as possible. Doing so prevents smaller ones from getting overcooked before larger ones and vice versa.

Once you’re ready to begin cooking, heat a skillet over medium-high heat and add the broccoli and olive oil; stir gently to coat all pieces evenly.

Tip 2: Only add enough water to steam your broccoli (not drown it!). Doing this helps retain moisture and ensures the broccoli cooks throughly.

To ensure the broccoli stays tender and moist, stir frequently. A lid helps keep steam trapped within as well.


Grilling broccoli is the ultimate way to enjoy its fresh, flavorful goodness – plus, it’s super simple, quick and healthy too!

Begin by blanching the broccoli florets. Fill a pot with boiling water and place the florets into it for approximately 3 minutes before quickly submerging them in cold water to finish cooking.

Once the florets have cooled, drizzle them in oil and season as desired. You can season your broccoli with a veggie blend, Italian seasoning or garlic powder for added flavor.

Next, wrap the florets in a foil packet before grilling. This ensures that frozen broccoli pieces don’t slip through the grates and also allows them to cook through on all sides.

Grilled broccoli is flavored with lemon and garlic (or smoked garlic!) then drizzled over with a refreshing cold yoghurt sauce. This refreshing side dish pairs perfectly with burgers, hot dogs or even entrees like grilled chicken or whole smoked trout!