How to Make Whipped Cream

Homemade whipped cream is the perfect finishing touch for desserts and hot beverages like coffee or tea.

Whipped cream is a delectable dessert made by whipping cold heavy cream with powdered sugar and vanilla extract. Not only is it simple to make, but it can be an enjoyable project for kids!


Whipped cream is a delectably fluffy topping that’s great on cakes, cookies, ice cream, sheet pan pavlova and more.

Create this delicious treat by whipping heavy cream with a whisk or mixer until it becomes light and fluffy. Feel free to season it with powdered sugar or vanilla extract for added flavor!

Whipping cream contains more fat than other dairy products, which helps it form soft and light peaks when whipped. This is because the fat particles stick together and stabilize any air bubbles introduced into it during whipping.

Whipping cream requires cold fat particles for the air bubbles to stick together and form foam, so it’s essential that all ingredients and utensils are completely chilled before starting the whipping process.


Whipped cream is an irresistibly refreshing dessert that can be used as a garnish on cakes, pies and other baked goods or eaten straight up with a spoon. It’s also the classic topping for ice cream.

Cream is created by beating cream with air, creating small pockets where fat droplets clump together, doubleing its volume. This ensures the cream whips up properly and retains its shape over extended periods.

Whipping cream can be done with either a whisk or hand mixer, but for optimal results use an airtight bowl (preferably tempered glass) and chilled beaters. This helps the cream whip up quickly and prevents it from becoming grainy.

Once the whipped cream has been beaten to soft peaks, you can begin adding flavorings or other ingredients like fruit purees, seedless jams, coffee powder, cocoa and more. For an extra special touch: whisk in some liquor for flavorful whipped cream!


Whipped cream is the ideal finishing touch to many desserts. It’s delicious when combined with berries or dolloped on top of a pie or cake.

Ice creams, parfaits and mousses can all benefit from adding raspberry puree. This seasonal ingredient is especially useful during the summer when berries are at their ripest and cream is at its fluffinessiest.

Making whipped cream requires mixing it until it reaches the desired consistency for whatever application you are using it for. You can accomplish this task using either a hand mixer or stand mixer.

While whipping, it’s essential to keep an eye on the mixture. It can go from underwhipped to overwhipped quickly, so don’t leave your bowl unattended.

Once you’ve achieved the desired peaks, stop the mixer and let it rest for a few seconds. This allows air to enter back into the cream. Add vanilla extract or some sugar and continue mixing until stiff peaks form.


Whipped cream is an irresistible and versatile ingredient that can be used in many dishes and desserts. It’s essential in any kitchen, especially when baking.

However, whipped cream does not keep well in the fridge unless properly stored. To guarantee its freshness, store in an airtight container.

Once whipped cream has been stored in an airtight container, it can be kept in the refrigerator for up to two days. After this period has elapsed, however, the texture may change to more like regular cream and no longer resemble whipping cream.

Another option for storing whipped cream is freezing it in pre-made dollops. Although these aren’t as stiff as freshly made whipped cream, they still hold their shape well.